Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy


Our classes are arranged in single year groups. We currently have places available in all year groups. If you would like information about making an in-year application, please see the statement below and contact the school office. An application will need to be made using the Derbyshire website.

We appreciate that choosing a school for your child is an important decision. To help you to make an informed choice, we invite parents to visit the school at one of our open days for a tour of our facilities and to meet the staff. If you are unable to join us at one our open days then please make an appointment with the school office.

The Governing Body is the admissions authority and all decisions about admissions are made by a committee of the Governing Body. The admissions process is co-ordinated by the Derbyshire Education Authority on behalf of the Governing Body. Our Published Admission Number (PAN) is 30, which is the net capacity figure for the school. Please note that any parent wishing their child to be considered for a place at the school must complete the common application form (PAF1). This can be completed online at


If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 they will be able to start school in September 2022. You should apply for their infant or primary school place by 15 January 2022. You will be able to make your application from 9am on 8 November 2021.


If you are expressing a preference for a place for your child at a Catholic Voluntary Academy within Nottingham Diocese and wish to apply under a faith criterion you should complete a Supplementary Form. A copy of the supplementary form required to allocate places can be found on the school website. If you make an online application this form is made available to users during the application process. A paper copy is also available from the school office. Supplementary forms must be returned to the school office by the admissions deadline along with any required evidence e.g. baptismal certificate. Original certificates will be photocopied and then returned.

The documents that explain the admissions procedure are the school’s Admissions policy, the supplementary form, the Derbyshire guide entitled ‘How to apply for a place at Primary school’ and you may find our parish map useful. All of these can be found on our school website.

If you require further information or assistance with your application please contact the school office. The admissions webpage for St Ralph Sherwin can be found here.


You will receive your offer on 19 April 2022 and if you're unhappy with the decision you can make a primary school admission appeal.


Following the allocation of places, parents and children will be invited to induction meetings and sessions during the summer term before entry.