Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Being prepared whatever the weather!

The weather at the moment is incredibly changeable! On hot, sunny days, we would be grateful if you could send your child in with sun cream and a sunhat / cap. Please do apply sun cream before the start of the school day and then children will be given the opportunity to reapply the lotion before they go out to lunch. They should bring in their sun cream in a labelled bottle with their name on.


To ensure everyone remains well hydrated in the hot weather, we would also be grateful if you could continue to send your child in with a refillable bottle of water. This is so that they can have a drink whenever they need during break, lunchtime and PE lessons. Due to COVID, we are unable to allow children to drink from classroom / key stage water fountains. Children are most welcome to keep their sweatshirt and cardigans in their school bags. Should the

weather grow cooler, they will then have the option of wearing their sweatshirt / cardigan as appropriate.


Finally, it’s always wise to send children in with a rain coat, regardless of the temperature, in case we have a

sudden downpour!