Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Parent and Pupil Survey Results

Recently we shared with you the results of the Parent Survey taken during lockdown, so that we could gauge what is working well and what we could further develop. Mr McClafferty has asked that schools share their top 3 positive responses and the lowest three outcomes, so here is our data, out of a possible score of 5:


Family Survey (25 respondents)

Strengths - Top Three Results (Positive Responses):

Has the school made contact to see how your child is doing at home, regarding their health, work, prayer or wellbeing? 5

How suitable to your child’s age and abilities are the technologies used by the school for remote learning? 4.3

How much do you expect your child to work during the day? 4.1


Areas to Develop - Top Three Results:

In general, how confident are you with supporting your child’s learning at home? 3.1

How easy or difficult has it been for your child to get individual learning support? 3

How much do you feel like a part of the school community at the moment? 2.8


Pupil Survey (16 respondents)

Strengths -Top Three Results (Positive Responses):

How safe do you feel at home? 4.8

How clear is it to you how to stay safe online? 4.8

How often have you been in a situation online that made you unhappy? 4.5


Areas to Develop - Top Three Results:

How easy or difficult has it been for you to get help from your teachers? 2.8

How often do you feel sad these days? 2.8

How easy or difficult is it to keep in touch with your friends from school these days? 2.7


As you would expect, there is a lot more detail underpinning this data and we will be looking at areas where we can improve what we are doing at school level.