Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Year 2 trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A report written by a year 2 pupil about her trip-

Year 2 went to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw some giraffes eating some leaves from a tree. I liked the meerkats the best out of all of them. I also learned that half of a giraffe’s tongue is purple! We loved watching the lion licking his lips. I nearly could not see the rhino who was camouflaged behind a rock! I don’t know why but we saw a lot of hoverflies in the air. We also went up some long stairs and on a very high stump we saw a very big, spotty leopard. We also saw a very funky ostrich walking along. I liked watching the tiger crunching on bones. I could not believe that polar bears could survive in any weather. I thought the ring-tailed lemur, baboons, wallabies, meerkats and the anteater were so cute! I asked my friend what was their favourite animal and they said “the giraffe.” I loved Yorkshire Wildlife Park.